A woman wears a Denim Bath towel wrapped around her hair
Denim Bath Towel
A close up photo of a Denim bath towel hanging on hook
 A Denim bath towel draped over a bench
A woman with a Denim Bath Towel wrapped around her body
A man drying his hair with a Denim Bath Towel

Denim Bath Towel

From $60.00 USD

Sustainably made in Portugal from a cotton blend containing recycled denim fibres. Available in two sizes.

Size: Bath Towel - 28" x 55"

Bath Towel - 28" x 55"
Bath Sheet - 35" x 69"

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100% soft linen

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All about what makes denim towels special, and how to make them last.

  • Material

    - Made from a blend of Lyocell and combed cotton
    - Contains recycled denim fibers
    - Crafted in Portugal
    - 500gsm
    - Soft on sensitive skin
    - Quick drying
    - OEKO-TEX® certified

  • Detailing

    Each towel features a classic hem and the bath towel offers a convenient hanging loop.
    Denim Bath Towel - 28" x 55"
    Denim Bath Sheet - 35" x 69"

  • Care

    Machine wash on a warm cycle.
    Gentle tumble dry.
    Do not bleach or dry clean.

    We recommend washing and tumble drying separately to begin with.

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Denim Bath Towel

$60.00 USD
Bath Towel - 28" x 55"

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is combed cotton?

    Combing is a production technique that removes the shorter cotton threads so the towel maintains structure. It's an additional process and ensures the cotton is softer than regular cotton.
  • What does OEKO-TEX® certified mean?

    A certified OEKO-TEX® product has met strict global criteria guaranteeing that no harmful substances have been used during the manufacturing process.
  • What is Lyocell?

    Lyocell is also commonly known as Tencel and is made from natural wood cellulose or pulp, which is spun to make long fiber strands. It is a highly sustainable, absorbent, soft and durable fabric.
  • How is a Bath Sheet different to a Bath Towel?

    The only difference between our Bath Sheet and Bath Towel is the size. While our Denim Bath Towel measures 28" x 55", our Denim Bath Sheets are larger and offer more coverage, measuring 35" x 69".