TRAVEL | Alpine Cabin Common Kosci

TRAVEL | Alpine Cabin Common Kosci

02 JUL


Alpine Cabin Common Kosci

As we seek solace in nature to escape urban life, we're reminded of the profound impact quality daily rituals can have. Nestled in Jindabyne, near the Snowy Mountains, Common Kosci embodies this philosophy - thoughtfully designed to capitalize on the beauty of passing moments. Today, the cabin has been made all the more comfortable with the addition of Fern Stripe to the beds.

We spoke with Sez and Az, the visionaries behind Common Kosci, to learn more about their journey. Az, a master carpenter with over 20 years of experience, brings his passion for beautifully crafted homes to the project. Sez, with a background in marketing, manages guest relations and of course, marketing.

Their inspiration stemmed from a love for the rugged alpine outback and a desire to create a space where guests could immerse themselves in nature without sacrificing modern comforts. The cabin, designed with architect Alan Powell, features skylights to showcase the alpine sky and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the changing seasons. The use of eco-friendly materials such as OSB and charred timber echoes their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Sez and Az, along with their three children and kelpie, enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle in Jindabyne. From skiing in Thredbo to summer barbecues by the lake, they cherish the area's natural beauty and the sense of community it fosters. Read on to find out more.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you do?

Az, the builder and crafter of Common Kosci has been a chippy for over 20 years, working predominantly on residential, architect designed homes. Az has a love of beautifully designed and made buildings. He is meticulous, patient and a true craftsman when it comes to carpentry. I (Sez) am the bigger picture of us, a creative, doer and a lover of people. I come from a marketing background and now put that energy into marketing and looking after the cabin, from guests relations to cleaning and linen. We raise our 3 kids and kelpie on the property where Common Kosci rests.

What was the inspiration behind Common Kosci?

We loved spending time in this rugged, alpine outback and were frequently accommodating friends and family. We wanted to create a bespoke space that allowed guests to immerse in nature and enjoy the outdoors, similar to camping in the bush only without sacrificing modern comforts. We wanted to design and create a space where families could come together and enjoy nature without even leaving the cabin. This has been achieved by skylights in each room to enjoy the clear Alpine sky, timber lined, OSB walls to give the feel of staying in the bush, floor to ceiling windows that landscape the ever-evolving seasonal backdrop as well as patios and hammocks that make you feel as if you are hanging amongst the trees.

"We wanted to design and create a space where families could come together and enjoy nature without even leaving the cabin."

You designed and built the cabin along with architect Alan Powell, how does the concept of craft come into play in the space?

My husband, Az sums up craft so well -he often says "enjoy the process". I think a true craftsman is not just focused on the end result but is more invested in the beauty and pleasure of the journey to get there. Alan and Az both have been crafting spaces for several years now and the two work beautifully together. Every detail of the space has been crafted.

How important is sustainability to your ethos?

We evaluate sustainability at every design and product choice along our journey.OSB, the primary material used inside this project, has been ranked among eco-friendly building supplies because it's made of small wood pieces instead of large boards from fast growing trees. It also is very durable and creates excellent air tightness, sealing in all warm air and making it great for keeping the 'boxes' airtight - perfect when temperatures can get to sub zero over winter! The cabin is wrapped in charred timber which was chosen, not just because aesthetically it looks amazing but maintenance is not required making it a very sustainable choice of cladding. Internally we have only used sustainable products and brands.

CULTIVER was a partner for this project, who are some of your other partners?

All our partners were selected upon their locality, sustainable ethos and quality. We use Australian brand Leif for all our soaps and body washes. Cushions and rugs are from Pony Rider and Koskela. Our ceramic cups are from local potter Feldmark pottery and tea is provided by artisan Geelong tea brand Love Tea. And all firewood is currently sourced from our 40 acre property.

What are some of your favorite things to do in the region, Jindabyne?

Jindabyne is a very seasonal town, adventures are dictated by the weather! There is a common thread amongst the people that live here and that is to enjoy life outdoors, as my 8 year old daughter said to me the other day "Jindabyne, it's an outdoor kinda place". We love to ski in winter at Thredbo a 30 minute drive away, hang at the lake in summer with friends enjoying BBQs out the back of our boot, go for walks and hikes in Kosciuszko National Park and I do love a cold dip so can be seen frequently at Thredbo River to enjoy an icy dip year round! The best kind of ice bath is right here in our backyard!

What do you believe makes a house (or cabin) feel like a home?

Comfort! And I do enjoy a little indulgence! When they come together it's like a marriage in heaven, like CULTIVER linen! A home for us is a place to relax and unwind, beds to rest in, nooks to play in and communal spaces for all beings to come together and enjoy one another. You can create beautiful spaces but if you can't be comfortable in them I don't think it can be 'homely'. A true home to me is where it's filled with love - love for the people, pets and (minimal) possessions it's been filled with.

What are your daily rituals?

My husband and I always wake and enjoy a cup of coffee together, usually with our kids on us. As Az is a builder he always checks the weather digitally, although I'd love to get old school and just step outside and observe the weather patterns.

Afternoons and evenings are quite chaotic but we alway sit down to a family dinner followed by hot baths with PJs warmed by the fire and books before bed.

Once the kids are down Az and I enjoy a series to unwind with dark choccie and peppermint tea - our evening staple! I write in a gratitude journal before bed, noting 3 things each day that I am grateful for and do love a good book as well!

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