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5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Alix Hamilton from New York, NY on Feb 21, 2017
We received our navy duvet cover over the weekend; and could not be happier. The quality and style of this piece immediately elevates the appearance of, not only our bed, but our bedroom. The linen is of such high quality, it is evident even prior to the touch.
We're so happy with the workmanship and intend to purchase additional pieces to compliment the set.
Jess from Austin, TX on Aug 06, 2016
After having my sheets literally fall apart after three years of constant use, I was looking for bedding that was both beautiful and could last. After extensive research, I knew linen was the perfect option for me – I'm so glad Apartment Therapy led me to Cultiver.

Straight out of the box (which came to me impressively fast), the duvet cover was surprisingly soft, light and sturdy. On my bed after a wash, it lends a done-up without trying feel (and there was only slight wrinkling after laundering). Thanks to my toddler, it has been washed twice since landing here, and it gets softer each time.

Not only is my new duvet cover sheer perfection, the customer service at Cultiver was absolutely top knotch! After inadvertently ordering the duvet set (which has standard shams with the king cover), the team was sweet enough to work things out and get me the right order incredibly quickly.

I'm already looking at ordering more (a sheet set and perhaps some bed linens for my kiddo's bed)! I'm so happy with my Cultiver purchase and have become a loyal customer.
Rebecca Shumskiy from United States on Jun 09, 2016
Just wondering if you'll have twin sizes for the U.S for your duvet covers or if you make a custom sizes. Email me if you will, won't, or can't. Thank you!
Helen Hopkins from CA on Apr 06, 2016
I found Cultivar linens reviewed on Apartment Therapy and after looking at many many linen duvet covers, I decided to spring for one. It's completely worth it. I love the texture of the linen and the duvet is very well made. It's rumpled in just the way I wanted it to be, and the color (black, which is more like charcoal) is beautiful.
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$245.00 USD

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Product Details

  • Each duvet cover is made from 100% linen woven from European flax pre-washed for softness and durability
  • Available in all CULTIVER colours
  • Button closure at edge
  • CULTIVER provide Queen and King Duvet Sets as a separate stocked item and includes a set of standard pillowcases. Please find them here
Queen 92" x 96"
King 108" x 96"


A note about our Black & Natural linen:

Please be aware that the color we call Black is not a solid black that you would see on less textured fabrics. As the linen is stone washed after dyeing, the color becomes more muted and will look like a very dark charcoal in some lights. 

Please note, our Natural colored linen is not put through the same dyeing process as our other colors. As a result, there may be slight variations in our Natural color between seasons, also, the fabric is more textured compared to our dyed colors.