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Color Palette

Our White is a true snow white, classic and crisp.

Smoke Grey
A cool colour way, our Smoke Grey linen can be described as a true Grey free of any beige undertones and subtle in depth. Our bestselling colour for sheets.

Ice blue
Tonally similar to our White and Smoke, CULTIVER’s Ice Blue is subtle in colour and makes for a contemporary alternative to the classic White. This is far from a baby blue. Add Navy or Charcoal for contrast.

A delicately washed out pink, our Blush linen is not baby pink, but more of a faded salmon pink. A modern neutral, it pairs beautifully with Smoke Grey.

A dark mauve with grey/purple undertones. Our Dusk colour works perfectly with Charcoal and Natural.

Our Natural linen is made from pure un-bleached European Flax, giving it greater depth in weight and texture. There is almost a grainy element to it and as each crop of European Flax is slightly different, natural variations will occur from product to product.

The colour we call black is not a solid black that you would see on less textured fabrics, as the linen is stone washed after dyeing, the colour becomes more muted and will look like a very dark charcoal in some lights.

Charcoal Grey
Charcoal is the medium between Smoke Grey and Black, deep in colour and solid. This slate grey contrasts beautifully with Dusk, Smoke Grey and Black.

Indigo is woven from 2 colours: a dark blue and white. The result is like a nice mid denim in colour and with a worn in textural look and feel.

In every way luxurious, our Navy is a true deep, inky blue.

Indigo and White Stripe
Created from our White and Indigo colour ways, the Indigo and White Stripe Linen comes together to create a luxuriously coastal feel.

Olive is a moss green, solid in colour. Earthy undertones make this colour less green and more tan. Gorgeous with Natural and Black.

As the name suggests Sage green is reminiscent of the plant in colour, a nice soft sea green pastel. Layers well with Ice Blue and Smoke Grey.