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CULTIVER is a luxury bedding and lifestyle accessories brand from Sydney, Australia. As our products have become known in the US, we are delighted to now offer our core range of pure linen bedding in US Standard sizing for our friends States-side.
The concept of everyday luxury is what CULTIVER is about. CULTIVER is the French word for cultivate - and for us it represents a focus on enhancing everyday activities with luxurious accessories. We aim to offer a range of products that help you cultivate luxury in your daily life. Our lifestyle accessories will elevate your everyday routines, and bring back the pleasure of shopping for your home and self.
We pride ourselves on our customer service and are delighted to exceed customer expectations; whether it is by fulfilling a unique requirement, or delivering a gift, wrapped and with a handwritten note. We hope to inspire you with our products - for more, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.