Enjoying a meal with friends is one of our favorite rituals at CULTIVER. Striking the perfect balance between style and usability, our linen collection for kitchen and tabletop is designed to work everyday as well as special occasions.

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Linen Table Napkins - Indigo StripeLinen Table Napkins - Indigo Stripe Linen Table Napkins - Indigo Stripe CULTIVER NK00101 6 Reviews
Linen Table Napkins - Pencil StripeLinen Table Napkins - Pencil Stripe Linen Table Napkins - Pencil Stripe CULTIVER NKNH19PEN 6 Reviews
Linen Table Napkins - PinstripeLinen Table Napkins - Pinstripe Linen Table Napkins - Pinstripe CULTIVER NK00122 6 Reviews
Linen Tablecloth - WhiteLinen Tablecloth - White Linen Tablecloth - White CULTIVER TC00061
Linen Tablecloth - Smoke Gray Linen Tablecloth - Smoke Gray CULTIVER TC00142
Linen Tablecloth - Charcoal Gray Linen Tablecloth - Charcoal Gray CULTIVER TC00063 6 reviews
Linen Tablecloth - Navy Linen Tablecloth - Navy CULTIVER TC00141
Linen Tablecloth - NaturalLinen Tablecloth - Natural Linen Tablecloth - Natural CULTIVER TC00062
Linen Tablecloth - Blush Linen Tablecloth - Blush CULTIVER TC00140 5 Reviews
Linen Tablecloth - PinstripeLinen Tablecloth - Pinstripe Linen Tablecloth - Pinstripe CULTIVER TC00153